Professional Me

I originally worked as a journalist (I’ve written for The Times and the Telegraph amongst others) and then went into PR (the money’s better). I’ve worked for a few agencies, with some big clients (Microsoft, BT, Woolwich), and a lot of smaller ones (a newspaper, a recruitment company, an author). I preferred the smaller ones on the whole (but not exclusively) as you deal directly with the decision makers and press coverage makes a substantial impact to their business. I was poached by a couple of my PR clients, and went out of PR for a while. Over the last few years I’ve been working in a sales & marketing (and some PR) capacity for a few tech start-ups, which has been a lot of fun. Now I want to be my own boss.

The Other Me

I live in south London with my two young sons (who are fab). We watch a lot of superhero movies together, and they watch a lot of YouTube videos about kids’ stuff I really don’t understand. Then they tell me all about the YouTube videos they’ve seen.