Oodles of Coverage

Here are some of my favourites, from the oodles of press I’ve secured for my clients (including me, best client I’ve ever had):

Avvio, everyone’s favourite AI hotel booking engine – we ran a campaign around not double booking hotels. It was all over the media, including this piece on the BBC

A great new music streaming platform – 4 new investors came forward from this piece 

This launch-day article sold 3 months stock in a single day.

Wanna buy some crypto? These are your guys

The (possibly self-proclaimed) bad boys of Fintech – hundreds of sign-ups from this article

Here’s how to bring a funeral story to life 

Think competition compliance is boring. Think again. No, really. 

Me trying to float myself on the Stock Exchange (I failed)

Me Spending a year without lying (I failed at that too, but in a big way I didn’t fail at all)