Here are some of my favourites, from the oodles of press I’ve secured for my clients (including me, best client I’ve ever had):

Bud (a Moneysupermarket for Millennials, hundreds of sign-ups from this article)

App 55 (Fintech start-up, 30+ quality sales leads from the article)

Me offering sage-like advice to Telegraph readers on handing a PR disaster

Recruitment Company (I went on to be MD of their Australian Division)

Launch of a newspaper (I went on to become Editor)

Me trying to float myself on the Stock Exchange (I failed)

Me on Australian TV talking about my (failed) bid to float myself on the Stock Exchange (FYI my hair is shorter now)

A few pieces of coverage from my year without lying (I became an internet sensation for 15 minutes) – The Guardian – The Mirror – Swiss TV (my bit starts 2 mins in)

Book launch of a mate – this is an opinion piece in The Times (it’s a paywall, I’m afraid)