So this is my offer – for £1,500 I’ll get you one decent (and positive) piece of national press coverage (something like thisthis or this) – whether that’s a news item in the Telegraph, TechCrunch, a feature in Time Magazine or a spread in GQ. Whatever works for you (and I’ll agree to, of course). And if I don’t get it for you, I’ll give you your money back .

One piece in the national media can have a huge impact on your business. People tend to believe what they read in the papers (even about themselves), and you can show it to all your pals, your (current and potential) clients, investors, even your in-laws – it can also generate a substantial amount of new business (one of my clients had 30+ sales leads from one article in the Telegraph).

There are a few rules, though:

  1. I need to be pretty sure I can get national coverage. So no press releases announcing “V3.1.1 of Widget 3.0.” I’ll probably have a good idea of the right angle, during our first “no obligation to buy” chat.
  2. In the eons I’ve been doing PR I’ve never failed to get national coverage for a client (apart from one I only worked with for a few weeks). We both need to be aware that we’re taking something of a risk, and go into it on that basis.
  3. You need to be committed (giving me cash will help), and come back in a timely fashion with press release edits, times for interviews etc. Otherwise we’re both wasting our time.
  4. You need to be a little patient. It can take a few months to get the first bit of coverage. The media probably don’t know you (Mark Zuckerberg, if you’re reading this, I’d offer you the same deal). I need to be a little creative (and persistent). All good things come to those who wait.
  5. You might be thinking one decent bit of coverage isn’t enough for £1,500. I understand that (although I don’t agree). At first I was thinking of offering two, but then I realised I’d be over-promising. Getting the first one is hard work, and although the second often follows, I think it’s a fair deal. If you don’t, of course, that’s fine. (I won’t down tools after the first bit of coverage of course – if journalists request interviews I’ll sort them all out, naturally).
  6. We may well only issue one press release. Or there might be more than one (all for your £1,500), it depends how we get on.
  7. You may well not care but the economics work for me too. I’ll charge myself out at £300 a day (it’s a discounted rate). So that’s five days work for me (1 day getting to know your business, another writing and editing the press release, and then three days contacting journalists and endlessly chasing them up).
  8. If all goes well, and you’re happy with the results, then we can talk about doing more PR. Clearly, though, there’s no obligation on your part to ever speak to me again.

What Now?

If you super excited by all this, please contact me, and we can set up a call. We’ll then chat for an hour or so, and if we want to go ahead, we get can get cracking.